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Harmon's Electric offers a variety of benefits to employees who meet the necessary eligibility requirements. The Company considers a progressive benefits package very important to help satisfy our employees' needs. The following is a brief summary of Harmon's Electric's benefits that employees may take advantage of and participate in.


Sick Leave

Sick leave benefits begin to accrue after a regular full-time employee has completed the initial benefit-waiting period of employment of three months. These benefits are designed to compensate employees for time off from work as a result of illness or non-occupational injury.

After completing your first 3 months of employment you will receive an accrual of 0.62 hours for each full pay period worked.


Time away from work to relax and pursue special interests is important to everyone. All full-time employees are eligible for paid vacation. Vacation Accrual Schedule is as follows: 4 years or less receives 2 weeks vacation; after 5 years of service granted 3 weeks vacation; 15 years of service granted 4 weeks vacation; and after 26 years of services granted 5 weeks vacation. Vacation is accrued based on regular hours worked per pay period.

Retirement Savings Program 401(k)

HEI offers a voluntary pre-tax salary reduction plan in which regular full-time employees, who are 21 years of age, may elect to participate beginning with the first payroll period administratively feasible after employment.

HEI matches dollar for dollar up to 6% on your regular salary (overtime and bonuses excluded). Employees are 100% vested in all employee withheld contributions and vested in company contributions at the rate of 20% per year following the first year of service and continuous employment with HEI.

Direct Deposit

HEI offers the benefit of Direct Deposit to all of its employees. Direct Deposit ensures that your paycheck is readily available to you. HEI employees are asked to take advantage of this benefit.

Health and Welfare Benefits

Harmon's Electric offers several insurance benefits to our employees. These include two medical, dental, vision, life, accidental death & dismemberment, Aflac, and income protection.

Other Benefits